Episode 5 Is Your Marketing Department GDPR Ready Webinar

In this post, Darren Wray (CEO of Fifth Step) presents a webinar to help marketers and marketing departments understand the impact of GDPR on them and their department. and how to get ready for these changes. If you like listening as well as watching, please subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, or add us to your favourite podcast player (our favourite is Pocket Casts which is available for all popular mobile platforms by searching for Fifth Step Podcast within the app, or add our feed address: Find this and other podcasts from Fifth Step on our website, along with supporting material for the Podcast at If you would like to ask a question to be answered during the podcast, then please email, or Tweet your question to @FifthStep using #Podcast. Thank you for watching this Fifth Step webinar, to learn more about Fifth Step and our thinking please visit Darren's books about IT Leadership and Data Privacy (EU GDPR) are available by searching your local Amazon store or by visiting: USA: UK: CA: DE: FR: IT: JP: IN:

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